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**Yuriko Shinonome
**Yuriko Shinonome
*Other Family
*Other Family
**[[Kaoru Shinonome]] (aunt)
**[[Miharu Shinonome]] (niece)
**[[Miharu Shinonome]] (niece)

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Yuriko Shinonome
Middle School Student
Age 14
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Blood Type O
Likes Densuke
Dislikes Not having a large bust
Hobby Teasing Densuke
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Height 5' 1" (156 cm)
Weight 92 lbs (42 kg)
Bust 28B (29") (73 cm)
Waist 22" (54 cm)
Hip 32" (81 cm)

Yuriko is Chiharu Shinonome's younger sister.


Yuriko wears the Zashono Academy uniform, with a pink sweater instead of a vest and purple skirt with red shoes.


She is almost the exact opposite to her sister for 2 reasons. One is that unlike her family; her chest is not very developed, only an A-cup in the series compared to her sister's F-cups which continue to get bigger throughout. Something she is very jealous of.

The other difference is that unlike her sister she not only openly confesses that she likes Densuke Mifune and constantly makes amorous advances towards him. Often jumping him in such a way that it deliberately presses her crotch against his face as well where she moves his hands to her breasts and holds his wrist in place so he can't pull away. In one instance, Yuriko and Chiharu's breasts are temporarily switched by one of Kyoko Morooka's experiments gone wrong and while Yuriko is in possession of her sister's breasts, she keeps Densuke captive in her room and forces him to play with her breasts for hours until the procedure in reversed.



  • She is introduced in Volume 4.
  • She competes against her brother Mikito for Densuke's affection who uses the same methods as she does to get him.
  • Her breasts appear larger in the OVA than in the manga.
  • In the OAV she is voiced by Emi Yabusaki (Japanese) and Jessica Gee (English)


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