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Volume 9


Written by Seiji Matsuyama
Published by Akita Shoten
Release date February 27th, 2003
Chapters 9
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This is volume 9 of the Eiken Manga.


Chou Ginten, the megalomaniacal matriarch of the academy's treasury, is pulling out all the stops to shut down the Eiken club and she has Densuke in her sights as the campus public enemy. She's enlisting the help of all the clubs around Zanshono and Eiken's back is against the wall. How can Densuke possibly compete against busty lady wrestlers and buxom track stars in competitions where they are the undefeated?


  • 71. Yuri-chan Smile
  • 72. The Last Assassins, Double Time
  • 73. Power Tough Girls
  • 74. Full Power Chou Ginten
  • 75. Climb to the Heavens!!!
  • 76. Objection!! Bang!! Bang!!
  • 77. Alone Together?
  • 78. Stealth Mission
  • 79. If She Changed Her Outfit to XYZ