Volume 6


Written by Seiji Matsuyama
Published by Akita Shoten
Release date July 25th, 2002
Chapters 9
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This is volume 6 of the Eiken Manga.


Densuke still has to ensure that he gets Chiharu, but so many different encounters and adventures stand in his way once more. Can he avoid the obstacles in order to spend quality time with Chiharu?


  • 44. Chiharu Over Flowers
  • 45. Komoe Next Door
  • 46. It's Spring! Let's Go to the Pool? Eiken Club Bikini Fiesta
  • 47. A Close Call Date - Episode 1
  • 48. A Close Call Date - Yuriko Attack
  • 49. A Close Call Date - Arcade Gamer Yuriko
  • 50. Chiharu's Jugs... I Mean, Bust Size?
  • 51. Here Comes Konoha - Konoha's Longest Day
  • 52. A Date with Miharu in a Room?
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