Volume 1


Written by Seiji Matsuyama
Published by Akita Shoten
Release date September 9th, 2001
Chapters 7
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Volume 2

This is volume 1 of the Eiken Manga.


Densuke just enrolled at the exclusive Zashono academy. He's eager to participate in extracurricular activities, but he never expected to join the mysterious Eiken Club. Strangely enough, every other member is a busty co-ed, and many of the club activities involve bikinis. But Densuke isn't interested in anyone but the shy and beautiful Chiharu. Will he overcome the wall of women that stand between him and true love? Or is he doomed to a lifetime of bizarre double-entendre inducing situations?


  • 1. Densuke's Longest Day
  • 2. Densuke's Toughest Day
  • 3. Komoe Doing Her Best
  • 4. A Naughty Day With Lin?
  • 5. If You Have The Guts! Go! Go! Go!
  • 6. Beauty and the Beast
  • 7. You Can Do It Densuke! Swim!
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