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Volume 11


Written by Seiji Matsuyama
Published by Akita Shoten
Release date July 17th, 2003
Chapters 9
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This is volume 11 of the Eiken Manga.


Densuke is a dreamer. Unfortunately his fantasies are pretty single-minded. He truly loves his club-mate Chiharu, and he cares deeply for all of his friends... Unfortunately, his teenage libido seems to get in the way of his heart, and his club-mates aren't helping things. They'll do just about anything to get him into another compromising situation that involves madcap sexy hijinks.


  • 89. Together with Miharu-chan part 1
  • 90. Together with Miharu-chan part 2
  • 91. Bust match
  • 92. Flying Yuriko Shinonome
  • 93. First kiss/caution
  • 94. Densuke over flowers
  • 95. Kidnap! Danger!
  • 96. Kyoko's in a bad mood today
  • 97. Room, shirt and Chiharu