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Volume 10


Written by Seiji Matsuyama
Published by Akita Shoten
Release date April 17th, 2003
Chapters 9
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This is volume 10 of the Eiken Manga.


With Chou Ginten humbled, things are back to normal for the Eiken club... and that means more frustration and confusion for Densuke! He just can't seem to get up the courage to ask Chiharu out, but there'll be plenty of opportunities what with the holidays coming up.

You can be sure that the busty members of the Eiken club will continue to bedevil Densuke with all kinds of touchy situations. Will true love ever be able to blossom or will Densuke just continue to be stuck in an endless cycle of sexual innuendo?


  • 80. Naughty Grandma?
  • 81. New Manager to 81(C).51.78
  • 82. Second Semester Hangout
  • 83. Densuke's Part-time Job Part 2
  • 84. Hot-Hot with Chiharu? Hot Spring??
  • 85. Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump
  • 86. Chiharu's Breasts & Yuriko's Butt
  • 87. 99cm is 99 Degrees?
  • 88. Valentine at Night