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The younger brother of Chiharu Shinonome currently going to middle school. He was introduced in volume 8.

Despite being Chiharu's brother, he looks like an almost an exact double of her. The only thing different about their appearance is Chiharu's breasts. However Mikito Shinonome(東雲幹門) is known to use fake breasts so that he can disguise himself as his sister. Anyone who knows Chiharu may also be able to tell the difference since Mikito does not act shy like Chiharu is when he is disguised as her.

He also seems to be interested in Densuke and tries to win him; in a similar way to his other sister Yuriko Shinonome, using the same direct tactics as her, as well as his likeness to Chiharu, which causes Densuke to force himself to remember that Mikito's a boy.



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