Lin Grace
Fortune Teller
Gender Female
Occupation CEO
Blood Type AB
Likes Telling Fortunes, Kuma
Dislikes Bad Fortune
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Brown
Height 5' 6" (170 cm)
Weight 99 lbs (45 kg)
Bust 30A (30") (77 cm)
Waist 21" (55 cm)
Hip 31" (80 cm)


Lin Grace(グレース• 鈴) is a British member of the club and is followed around by Kuma. She met Densuke when he was in one of the club buildings looking for Chiharu to return her wallet. She is the daughter of a CEO to a major company and is its heiress. She is, in fact, so wealthy that she has an old European style castle as her room and must fly to and from school everyday on a personal jet.


Unlike most students, Lin wears a very short red chinese cheongsam, with gold linings and a pink rose etched upon it. On her arms she wears big yellow wrist bands, and on her legs she has black knee-high socks and red shoes, and yellow band on her right thigh.


She is an avid fortune teller and will often try to tell Densuke his fortune. Usually by holding him close from behind or other such intimate acts. Grace is unbelievably strong and well trained in martial arts. Once destroying a giant test-your-strength machine with a single palm thrust and even taking care of a small army that had kidnapped her by herself. She is so strong that her bodyguard Leon's actual job is not to protect her from attackers but to protect attackers from her. Despite her strength she is afraid of ghosts.


  • She, like many other girls in the series, likes Densuke but at the same time tends to forget he is there.
  • In the OAV she is voiced by Touko Itou in Japanese and Mona Marshall in English.


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