Kyoko is the head and only member of the Eiken club's science division. Despite resembling a small child she is older than she seem's. Even though from a photograph taken fromwhen she was younger she doesn't appear to have grown in height much.

Although she act's tough she like's cute thing's, such as a fictional action hero in the series called Nekomanman.

Also she is secretly quite jealous of the other girl's in the club for having such body's while she still resembles a small child but hides it by saying since she plan's to be a scientist she doesn't need to be tall or curvacious. In the previously mentioned photograph her mother is about as tall as an ordinary person so it might be possible that her father is quite short, or she has yet to go through a growth spurt. In a dream Densuke had Kyoko was seen to be tall and beautiful 10 years into the future.

It is also possible she like's Densuke but repeatedly threaten's him when he, like with all the other girl's, end's up doing something she consider's perverted. Although due to her appearence it is much more downplayed than with the other girl's.

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