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Not to be confused with Komoe Harumachi

Komon no Sensei
Eiken Club Teacher
Gender Female
Occupation Substitute Teacher
Blood Type A
Likes Densuke, Teaching
Dislikes People forgetting about her
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Height 5' 5" (166 cm)
Weight 108 lbs (49 kg)
Bust 33C (34") (85 cm)
Waist 21" (54 cm)
Hip 34" (88 cm)

Komon (小門) though much more known as Teacher, is a very quiet and shy member of the club who is often over-looked, but is actually the teacher who is in charge of the club.


Even though she has been has been a teacher at the academy for 12 years, she does not have her own class; she makes up for this by helping around the school. She is very clumsy and often ends up screwing up in anything she tries to do, which tends to make her cry. Everyone at the school including other members hardly take notice of her, often forgetting she's even there, which also makes her cry.


  • Without her glasses on she is actually very beautiful and can be mistaken for someone else (as Densuke Mifune has done in the past.) Unfortunately she cannot see without her glasses.
  • Despite being the oldest of the group, she is quite naïve.
  • She can usually be seen with Komoe Harumachi.
  • In the OVA she is voiced by Chiemi Ishimatsu in the Japanese and Mari Devon in the English.
  • Her bust is equal to that of Miharu Shinonome's.