Komoe Harumachi
Middle School Student
Age 11
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Likes Eiken Club, Cooking
Dislikes Fainting
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Black
Height 4' 9" (145 cm)
Weight 110 lbs (50 kg)
Bust 43L (43") (111 cm)
Waist 18" (46 cm)
Hip 25" (65 cm)

Komoe Harumachi (春町小萌) is a 6th grader at Zashono Academy.


Komoe is an 11 year old girl with large pink hair that she wears in pigtails. Despite her young age, her most noticeable features are her extremely large L-cup breasts, which are the largest in the Eiken Club. She wears the Zashono Academy uniform, which has a white undershirt, and pink vest, with purple skirt and black thighhighs with yellow shoes. However, Komoe is also seen wearing a pink maid apron under her vest, usually when she is in the Eiken Club.


Komoe is a very kind and considerate girl who is constantly trying to help the club. She is also quite shy, and finds many things difficult because her premature assets upset her balance and she is not yet old enough or strong enough to move without them controlling her movement which causes her to be clumsy. This is not a good thing as her tasks for the club seem to involve doing chores where her breasts get in the way, however she enjoys doing them since it makes her feel needed in the club unlike elsewhere where people do everything for her.

She has a relationship with Densuke Mifune which she seems to treat as more of a brother and sister relationship. That still does not stop the accidental gropes or awkward positions Densuke finds himself in with her like he does with the other girls. This often occurs when he mistakes her breasts for something else, such as a large snowball when she wears a white coat.


  • In a page from the manga where Komoe is shown having Christmas dinner with her parents, it is seen that her mother has a large bust as well.
  • Komoe can usually be seen with Komon. Neither can see without their glasses. Komoe has two pairs, without her stronger pair she can not make out faces.
  • In the OAV she is voiced by Marina Ono in Japanese and Rebecca Forstadt in English
  • She is the youngest and the bustiest girl in the club and the second largest bust in the series; being beaten only by Keiko Shinonome. Her bust is equal to that of the CEO's.


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