Keiko Shinonome
Age 31
Gender Female
Occupation None
Blood Type O
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Hobby Shopping
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Black
Height 5' 6" (168 cm)
Weight 110 lbs (50 kg)
Bust 48K (49") (123.5 cm)
Waist 22" (56 cm)
Hip 36" (91 cm)


Keiko Shinonome (東雲京子) is the single mother of the Shinonome children and the aunt of Miharu Shinonome.

Keiko is a single mother; although later she admits to Densuke Mifune that she has feelings for him despite being significantly older than him. She initially attempts to seduce Densuke, but stops after realizing that her daughter is truly in love with him.


Keiko has a very kind and motherly personality but can be ditzy and absent minded. She is easily distracted by whatever catches her eye. During her first meeting with Densuke Mifune, she had lost her wallet but was repeatedly distracted by other things.

Unlike Chiharu Shinonome, Keiko is not embarrassed in the least by her body and has considerably less modesty, but not to the degree of Kirika Misono or Yuriko Shinonome. During her first encounter with Densuke she did not even blush when he accidentally groped her and unintentionally put him in several positions (i.e hugging him from behind while wearing a towel bikini, hitting the back of his head with her breasts, etc).


During the mid 1980's she was a TV idol working under the name "Hoshino Jun". However, she eventually quit as there was not a high demand for big breasted women. She eventually settled down with a husband and had 6 children.

Her first encounter with Densuke Mifune mirrored her daughter as he accidentally collided with her and accidentally felt her up. Unlike Chiharu Shinonome's encounter, Keiko understood it was an accident and introduced herself. They went looking for her missing wallet and Densuke found out she was Chiharu's and Yuriko Shinonome's mother (as well as the idol from the picture he had been ogling).



  • The name Keiko means "celebrate", "respect", "open, begin" or "favor, benefit" (kei) and "child" (ko).
  • Keiko is first introduced in Volume 14.
  • Keiko's B/W/H measurements are given in "Miharu is giving a sleepless night!".
  • As the manga was released in 2001, that would make Keiko 31 years old, meaning she had Chiharu at a young age.
  • She has the largest bust in the family and the series at 123.45 cm, but said that they were about the same size as Chiharu's at her age. In the same picture which showed this also revealed that she was Chiharu's age in 1985.    


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