Keiko Shinonome
Age 34
Gender Female
Occupation None
Blood Type O
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Hobby Shopping
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Black
Height 5'6 (168cm)
Weight 110lbs (50kg)
Bust 48K (123.45cm)
Waist 55.5cm (22")
Hip 89.9cm (36")

Keiko is the mother of the Shinonome children. Except to Miharu to whom she is an aunt.


Keiko is a single mother; although later she admits to Densuke that she has feelings for him despite being significantly older than him. She intially attempts to seduce Densuke, but stops after realizing that her daughter is truly in love with him.

She is more like Miharu in the sense that she is not embarrassed by her body but is nowhere near as blatant as Yuriko, since she does not purposely thrust her body onto Densuke but on the occasions that he sees her in a compromising position or accidentally gropes her, Keiko does not mind and even encourges him without throwing herself at him.


  • As the manga was released in 2001, that would put her at 31, meaning she had Chiharu at a young age.
  • She has the largest bust in the family and the series at 123cm, but said that they were about the same size as Chiharu's at her age. In the same picture which showed this also revealed she was Chiharu's age in 1985.


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