Chiharu Shinonome
High School Student
Age 15
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Blood Type O
Likes Densuke Mifune
Dislikes Being open to others
Hobby Eiken Club Member
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Height 5' 2" (159 cm)
Weight 99 lbs (45 kg)
Bust 39F (40") (100 cm)
Waist 22" (55 cm)
Hip 32" (82 cm)


Chiharu Shinonome (東雲ちはる)is a 15 year old student who just started attending Zashono Academy.


Chiharu is a cute girl with red hair that has one strand of hair sticking up and red eyes. She wears the typical Zashono Academy uniform, which consists of a white undershirt, green sweater, yellow vest, purple skirt, black thigh-high, and yellow shoes.


Chiharu is an innocent girl who has a romantic relationship with Densuke Mifune. They both like each other but are too embarrassed to show it.

She is the eldest of her 6 siblings; unlike most of the other members of her family, she is much more conserved. She gets embarrassed when males look at her, which she thinks they are staring at her chest, and tends to cover herself with an arm and shy away which tends to ironically make her admirers find her more appealing.



  • The name "Chiharu" means "thousand" (千) ("chi") and and "spring" (春) ("haru").
    • Part of the name "Chi" can also mean "wisdom, intellect" (智) or "scatter" (散).
    • Part of the name "Haru" can also mean "light, sun, male" (陽) or "clear weather" (晴).
    • Other possible writings, but not limited to, are "a thousand sunshine" (千陽), "spring of wisdom" (智春), "a thousand brightnesses", (千晴) and/or "a thousand blossoms" (千華).
  • Chiharu's bust size grows rapidly through the manga and the anime from the original 88 cm to over 100 cm. It was said by Keiko Shinonome (Chiharu's mother) that her own bust was the same size as Chiharu's when she was that age. So it is possible that Chiharu may grow to, or surpass, her mother's size of 123.45 cm.
  • In the OAV, Chiharu is voiced by Miwa Ohshiro in Japanese and Becky Chiang in English.


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