Chiharu Shinonome


Chiharu is a big breasted inoccent girl with red hair she has a slightly romantic relationship with Densuke they both like each other but are embaressed to show it.

Her breasts grow rapidly through the manga and the anime from the original 88cm to over 100cm, it was said by her mother Keiko Shinonome that her own breasts were the same size as Chiharu's when she was that age so its possible Chiharu will stop growing around her mother's size of 123cm.

Unlike most of the other member's of her family she is much more conserved. She is embarressed when men and especially Densuke look at her breasts and tend's to cover the them with an arm and shy away which tend's to make her admirer's find her more appealing

She doesn't like them being groped. However she has said before that when Densuke did it when they first met that she wish's it hadn't been in front of so many people.

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